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Recent Consulting Projects- Enterprise Customer

Wi-Fi Network Upgrade
Assisted a major private university in assessing a serious performance problem with its Wi-Fi infrastructure and worked with the planning team on a major network upgrade involving roughly 2000 access points as well as controllers, network management systems, and guest access services.

Mobile Policy and Security Planning
Assisted two different organizations in developing mobile security plans and mobile policies to support them. In one case the client was a major media company who was initiating a bring your own device (BYOD) program with a mobile device management (MDM) system that eventually supported over 13,000 user owned devices accessing corporate email and other systems.

In a second project, we worked with a non-profit in the health care space, who used company-provided devices exclusively. The organization would still be providing all devices but now was moving from BlackBerry to a mix of Apple and Android devices and required security solution and an MDM system. Along with the technical solution, we developed the mobility policy and user training and acceptance program to support it.

Microsoft Lync Telephony
Worked on the project team coordinating the SIP trunking and other network services required for a 1300-seat Microsoft Lync telephony deployment. That installation has now grown to over 2,000 stations.

TDM To IP PBX Upgrade Project
Assisted a major non-profit in assessing the existing telephone systems and inter-site network services for 50+ locations, preparing RFPs for both equipment and network services, and worked with the client to select an optimal next generation network solution for their organization.

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