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Recent Consulting Projects- Vendor/Carrier

Pre-Launch Product Assessment
Assisted a major service provider in assessing the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (“SWOT”) for a major service launch involving both wired and wireless offerings. Working in conjunction with UniComm Consulting, we were able to identify a number of significant challenges that had a major impact in reshaping the offering prior to launch.

Mobile UC Portfolio Assessment
Performed and in-depth analysis and assessment of the mobile UC product portfolio for a major vendor of IP PBX and UC solutions. The review addressed smartphone and tablet applications as well as voice over Wi-Fi solutions, and provided a comparison with competitive offerings. The report also included a number of recommendations for product feature additions, many of which were included in its next major upgrade.

Fixed and Mobile Services Portfolio Assessment
In conjunction with UniComm Consulting, provided an overall assessment of network service offerings for a major carrier and provided recommendations for product messaging. Services covered included MPLS, SIP Trunking, hosted IP PBX, and fixed mobile convergence. The follow-on to that assessment is assistance in developing a modular RFP response tool that incorporated the jointly developed product messaging.

Mobile UC ROI Tool
Developed a mobile UC ROI computation tool for a major vendor of unified communications solutions. The tool included four modules that address mobile UC solutions using cellular or a combination of cellular and Wi-Fi services using both US/Canada and European cellular pricing models.

Wi-Fi Business Plan Assessment
Assisted a major manufacturer in developing a business plan and strategy for an international hot spot offering involving 50,000+ hot spots around the world. The assessment involved an understanding of the hot spot business, the various business strategies in use, and producing a series of options/recommendations regarding how the company might proceed.

Multi-Client Enterprise FMC/Mobile UC Market Study
Developed a multi-client study and market forecast for the fixed-mobile convergence/mobile UC market that described, categorized and assessed over fifty distinct solutions including both premises-based and carrier-based offerings.

Pre-Launch FMC Product Assessment
In collaboration with Wainhouse Research, performed a SWOT analysis of a yet-to-be-announced FMC product for a major IP PBX vendor and provided a competitive assessment along with market introduction and planning guidance.

Voice over WLAN Technical Training
Provided technical training on voice over wireless LAN technology and design issues to the development group of a major smartphone manufacturer. The program was based on research conducted for a book I published on the topic. That company subsequently introduced a highly-regarded voice over WLAN capability on their devices.

Wireless Broadband Service Planning

Provided training and consulting services to a large overseas telephone company, and assisted in its planning for a WiMAX broadband wireless network deployment.


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