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Wireless Intelligence for the Enterprise


Good decisions depend on good information. That applies to end users, carriers, and equipment manufacturers. Where much of the training budget in organizations has gone to vendor certifications, there is still a pressing need for vendor-agnostic, technical and management-oriented training in networking.

dBrn Associates offers a range of business, marketing, and technical seminars for both vendors and end users. Our programs are thoroughly researched, tightly organized, and always vendor-neutral. We train people how to apply sound business principles to technology investments. We have conducted over 2000 programs, and all of our programs are fast paced, clearly focused, and surprisingly entertaining. You get no complaints about “more dreary training sessions”.

Our training programs are offered through Telecom+UC Training, and the subject areas we address include:

  • Wireless Network Technologies
  • Designing and Implementing Wireless LANs
  • Voice over Wireless LANs (VoWLAN)
  • Fixed-Mobile Convergence and Mobile Unified Communications
  • IP Networking for Data and VoIP
  • Technology Essentials for Successful VoIP
  • Switching and Routing Technologies for VoIP
  • xDSL, Cable Modems, and Broadband Internet Access

Note: Course outlines change frequently, so please email us for the most recent outline for any program.

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