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Communications is essential to any marketing program. Busy network managers depend on trade press articles, brochures, and white papers to whittle their product search down to a manageable list of vendors that they will actively pursue. Creating a positive image for your product and making that “first-cut” are critical to any marketing program.

Mr. Finneran contributes regularly on wireless, mobility and other industry related topics to Information Week, NoJitterUC Strategies.com, and The Voice Report, and he has contributed to Computerworld, SearchMobile.com, NetworkComputing.com, and The ACUTA Journal. A number of his white papers are available on Webtorials.com. For twenty-three years he wrote the Networking Intelligence column for “Business Communications Review”, the most widely respected telecom journal of its time.

In 2008 he published his first book, Voice Over Wireless LANs- The Complete Guide (Elsevier).

Unlike professional “writers”, we are professional network experts. That means that you can spend a minimal amount of time describing the message you want to deliver, and get a document that is not only well written, but describes the overall area and highlights your particular advantage. We can often introduce fresh ideas and new angles on your product advantage that you had not even considered.

Writing is difficult, good writing is more difficult, but good targeted writing can help to put your product at the top of the customer’s short list. With our extensive background in the industry, we can help you define your message and craft a high impact piece that network professionals will respond to.

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